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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-1026
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 75
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

In which scenario would you modify a matrix class?

A. You want to calculate the price based on customer ratings.
B. You want to calculate the price based on a user-defined attribute on the item.
C. You want to calculate the price based on the volume of the order.
D. You want to calculate the price based on the customer value.
E. You want to calculate the price such that it applies to specific customers.

Answer(s): D
A customer wants to create custom discount adjustment Pricing Message. Which seeded
pricing entity is used for this?

A. Pricing Strategy
B. Discount list Entity
C. List Price Entity
D. Sale Price Entity
E. Pricing Term

Answer(s): C
Your client has pricing strategies that cross many customers. However, their marketing
department has lust negotiated a new discount for a customer, ABC Electronics.
How can they handle this without changing their piking strategy?

A. Pricing Matrices
B. cannot be handled without changing the pricing strategy
C. Pricing segments
D. Tiered Pricing
E. Qualifiers

Answer(s): B
Which three statements are true regarding pricing segments?

A. You are not required to define a pricing segment.
B. It serves as a repository for all of the different lists you create in Pricing.
C. If you delete a pricing segment, it wil delete the matrix and the associate rules.
D. You use pricing segments to group sets of customers together that exhibit similar
E. You cannot delete pricing segments.
F. You use pricing segments to categorize a customer based on conditions.

Answer(s): A, B, C

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