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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-1031
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  • Questions: 74
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

You are working with a global organization. After discussing their company structure, you find
that they are centralized organization and operations are run from one global template that is
followed by all regions. What seat governance structure should you recommend to your client?

A. A single seat shared by all regions
B. Horizontal regional empowerment
C. Ful agency control
D. A global DMP nerve center
E. A global template with local nuances

Answer(s): D

Which option wil help your client identify which categories get the most data?

A. Request an Inventory Report from their account manager.
B. Generate the Site Hits Report.
C. Enable taxonomy permissioning.
D. Remove or hide unused categories.
E. Review the cookie inventory.

Answer(s): A

You are working with a client to help guide their seat governance structure. After discussing
their company policies and procedures, you discover that each region follows its own protocols,
operations are for the most part independent and they might benefit from discretionary data-
sharing between regions.

Based on what you have learned, which seat governance option should you recommend?

A. Horizontal regional empowerment
B. Global DMP nerve center
C. Global template with local nuances
D. Ful agency control
E. A single seat shared by all regions

Answer(s): E
Your client, Alpha Corp, needs 500 categories created for their global website. These categories
wil be used by marketers and analysts to address audiences, design data campaigns, and
manage allocation of advertising resources. They need the ability to delete the categories at a
future date, but do not need to frequently update or re-order the options.

What should you do to accommodate your customer's needs?

A. Self-service OnRamp
B. Corporate classification
C. Managed classification

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