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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-1032
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 71
  • Updated On: 25-May-2020

What three actions must you take to set up your new IP for deliverability success with your
major ISPs? (Choose three.)

A. Do everything possible to remove lapsed, bounced, or old email addresses to increase the
possibility of getting your emails into the inbox.
B. Set up a backup IP address so you wil get through to the inbox even if you are blocked by an
C. Automate the daily delivery of Insight Deliverability reports for your warm-up campaigns,
especially the Feedback Loop reports to check on true spam complaint rates.
D. Ensure that your warm-up audience lists consist of recently opted-in, opened/clicked within
the last few months, or are known brand advocates.

Answer(s): A, B, C

Which three actions wil change the EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_ column for a profile list
contact from opt-in to opt-out? (Choose three.)

A. Recipient deletes a promotional email from the inbox.
B. Use Set Data in a Responsys Program to change the EMAIL_PERMISSION_STATUS_
column in a profile list record from I to O.
C. Recipient selects a Reply-to unsubscribe in a promotional email.
D. Recipient registers a SPAM complaint for an email.
E. Recipient inbox is full, so the promotional email is rejected by the server.

Answer(s): C, D, E

In every email, your client wants to provide a link so customers can download their latest menu.
They want to serve this from the Responsys content library, updating the document periodically.
How can they accomplish this?

A. Upload the document into Manage Hosted Content, then publish. Insert this URL into every
email document. To update, unpublish the document, upload the current version with the same
name, and publish.
B. Upload the document into the Content Library. From the document pul -down menu, select
Create Embeddable URL and copy the URL into every email. Upload and overwrite this
document with the most current version as needed.
C. Your client must host and update the document from their own content server and provide
the URL to Responsys. In the Responsys email documents, use the ServeURL function to
reference the document as needed.
D. Upload the document into the Content Library. Right-click the document and select Copy
Link. Insert this link into every email document. Upload and overwrite this document as needed.

Answer(s): B


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