Free 1Z0-1042 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: 1Z0-1042
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 71
  • Updated On: 8-Aug-2022

What Mapper function can you use to get the lookup value in Mapping Builder?

A. GetLookupValue
B. FindLookupValue
C. LookupValue
D. SearchLookupValue

Answer(s): C
You provision an Oracle SOA Cloud Service instance and specify a compute shape so that the
JVM heap size for WebLogic Serve, and Load Balancer processes are determined
Which statement is correct after provisioning the instance in this scenario?

A. You can change the heap size to a maximum of 32GB.
B. You can change the heap size by logging a Oracle Cloud Support Service Request.
C. You can change the heap size by using the Weblogic Server Administration Console.
D. You cannot change the heap size once the Service Instance is provisioned.

Answer(s): C
What policy is required to be in an API if that API is to be used under a Plan?

A. Application Rate Limiting
B. Basic Auth
C. Key Validation
D. Interface Filtering

Answer(s): C
Which two statements are true about implementing an API-First strategy?

A. The API is to be developed first before any UI or new business logic are created.
B. It generally is assumed that SOAP/WSDL are the key specifications for defining the API.
C. The code to execute business logic needs to exist and be exposed as an API first before you
build a strategy around it.
D. You define the API definition/contract first before any work on its implementation or any
applications that use it, al owing to work in parallel.

Answer(s): A, B