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  • Updated On: 25-May-2020

For external supplier self-service registration, you can define web pages and specify the URL
for each page, for prospective and spend authorized suppliers.

In Setup and Maintenance which task should be used for this purpose?

A. Manage Server Configurations
B. Configure Procurement Business Function
C. Configure Requisitioning Business Function
D. Configure Supplier Registration and Profile Change Requests

Answer(s): B
During a Procurement Contract implementation, a customer would like to set up approvals for
procurement contract documents. The customer has four departments and any contract needs
to be approved by all the four department users.

Identify the configuration to fulfil this requirement.

A. Set up one approval group and include the four department users with voting regime as first
responder wins.
B. Set up one approval group and include the four department users with voting regime as
C. Set up employee supervisor hierarchy for all four department users and add them to an
approval group.
D. Set up user group for the four departments and set up individual rules for the four department

Answer(s): B

In Self Service Procurement, a user is not able to search for one of the inventory items. Identify
three configuration issues that could be causing this problem.

A. The particular item is not part of any Procurement catalog.
B. The particular item is defined as `BOM Enabled' in PIM.
C. The particular item is not defined as a `Transactable' item in PIM.
D. The particular item has not been marked as a `Purchased' item within the Purchasing
operational attribute group.
E. The particular item does not belong to any Purchasing Category.

Answer(s): A, B, E
Identify the setup that allows news and information of interest to be published to suppliers
through the Oracle Supplier Portal Cloud.

A. setting up Specify Supplier News Content in the Functional Setup Manager
B. enabling RSS feed from a customers corporate web portal
C. configuring the "News Broadcast" field using the `Manage Supplier' task
D. enabling feed from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on using `Manage

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