Free 1Z0-228 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: 1Z0-228
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 81
  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

On which page would you set up the Cross-Product Dril Down capability for online inquiries?

A. Ledger Template
B. Journal Entry Template
C. Accounting Entry Definition
D. Journal Generator Template
E. Ledgers for A Unit - Journal Post Options

Answer(s): C

Identify two correct statements about the Combination Edit setup and process.

A. Summary Ledgers can use Combo Edits.
B. It does not matter whether you use ranges of values in trees or detail values when it comes
to efficiency and how often you must rebuild the COMBO_DATA_TBL.
C. Rules can invalidate a ChartField that has a blank ChartField valuE.
D. The COMBO_DATA_TBL can be rebuilt faster than the Master Selector tables.
E. The decisions on how to implement ChartField combination editing and the types of
underlying tables to use greatly affect the efficiency, speed, and ease of maintenancE.

Answer(s): C, E

Your organization requires that all General Ledger journal entries for the Payables liability
account have a blank department on the entries.

Identify the best approach to achieve this business requirement.

A. Use ChartField combination edits.
B. Manual y change the erroneous journal entries.
C. Use Journal Entry Template to hide the department fielD.
D. Use page-level PeopleCode to enforce the business rulE.

Answer(s): A

Which three statements are true about PeopleSoft trees?

A. The structure and development of your PeopleSoft trees directly impacts the efficiency of
your organization's reporting, processing, and ongoing maintenance of fields.
B. The Insert Detail button on the tree allows you to actual y add values to the detail value
tables if the value does not already exist (such as an Account to the GL_ACCODNT_TBL
C. You can create only one tree per ChartFielD.
D. A tree in draft mode cannot be used in reporting until it has been saved in a valid statE.