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  • Exam Number: 1z0-460
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 71
  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

Finding a directive issued by your organization listing several important CVEs (Common
Vulnerability and Exposures), you find one for Linux OpenSSH (CVE-2006-5764), which might
apply to your oracle Linux systems. What command would help ensure that a patch has been
applied to close this vulnerability on an Oracle Linux 6 system running OpenSSH server?

A. yum listcves openssh
B. rpm ?qa | grep openssh | grep 5794
C. rpm ?q - - changelog openssh | grep 5794
D. yum sec ? list cves | grep 5794
E. yum sec ? list cvesApplied
Answer(s): C
The command rpm -q --changelog rpm displays a detailed list of information (updates,
configuration, modifications, etc.) about a specific package. This example shows information
about the package rpm. However, only the last five change entries in the RPM database are
listed. Al entries (dating back the last two years) are included in the package itself.
This query only works if CD 1 is mounted at /media/cdrom: rpm -qp --changelog
*Is the patch RPM suitable for my system?
To check this, first query the installed version of the package. For pine, this can be done with
rpm -q pine pine-4.44-188

Which three parameters of a network interface can you modify by using the NetworkManager
tool on your Oracle Linux 6 system?

A. IPv4 settings
B. IPv6 settings
C. Netconsole settings
D. MTU settings
E. IP Proxy settings
Answer(s): A, B, D


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