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  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023


Exadata Database Machine offers an Intelligent Platform Management Interface for the
various components in the Exadata product. Which option is true?

A. IPMI can be used to remotely start and stop servers.
B. IPMI can be used to remotely log in to the operating system.
C. IPMI commands can be executed by using SNMP traps.
D. IPMI settings can be secured by backing up the Oracle Linux instal ation on the storage

Answer(s): A
IPMI ? short for Intelligent Platform Management Interface - is an interface standard that
allows remote management of a server from another using standardized interface. The
servers in the Exadata Database Machine follow that. It's not an Exadata command but
rather a general Linux one.
To power on a cell or database server, issue this from another server: # ipmitool -H
prolcel01-ilom -U root chassis power on

To stop a server, use the shutdown command. To stop immediately and keep it down, i.e.
not reboot, execute:# shutdown -h -y now


Which is the best location to point your customer to, for finding the latest Exadata patches?

A. owner's guide
B. Patch database in MyOracle Support
C. MyOracle Support note 888828.1
D. MyOracle Support for database patches, ULN for OS patches, and Sun Support for
Server and
InfiniBand patches.

Answer(s): B
Before starting, we would like to share and note here two documents from My Oracle
Support, aka metalink. These notes must be the first place that you need to go to review
before patching the Exadata environment.
* (B) Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server 11g Release 2 (11.2) Supported
Versions (Doc ID. 888828.1)
- This is for the second and third generation (V2 and X2) for Oracle Exadata, using Sun
* Database Machine and Exadata Storage Server 11g Release 1 (11.1) Supported Versions
(DocID. 835032.1)
* - This is for the first generation (V1) for Oracle Exadata, using HP hardware.

A customer has three databases named CC. FIN, and DW. The CC database is for their

Free 1Z0-485 Exam Questions & Answers


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