Free 1Z0-494 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: 1Z0-494
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 128
  • Updated On: 25-Nov-2022

Your client successfully configures the Delegated Access Framework but receives an error
when attempting to delegate access as a student to View Personal Information. What could be
causing this error?

A. The person receiving the delegated access does not have an EMPLID.
B. The student does not have a relationship with the person receiving the access on the
Relationships component.
C. The student does not have an email address in the system.
D. The person receiving the delegated access does not have a user ID.
E. The student does not have any personal information in the system.

Answer(s): B
Your client has a multi-institution setup. Both institutions have a course with the same name, but
should be managed separately between the two institutions because the setup between the two
is completely different. What should you do?

A. Create one course ID with multiple offerings.
B. Create one course ID with multiple components.
C. Create two separate course IDs.
D. Create one course ID and multiple class sections for each institution.
E. Create one course ID with multiple course attributes.

Answer(s): C
What is the key Academic Structure consideration in determining how the system calculates

A. Campus
B. Location
C. Academic Plan
D. Academic Program
E. Academic Career

Answer(s): D
Your client wishes to restrict faculty members from entering a W grade for students in the grade
roster. How can this be accomplished?

A. Create a grading scheme that does not contain a W grade and assign it to the course.
B. In the Schedule of Classes, give the faculty member access to only approve the grade roster.
C. In the Grade Scheme table, specify that a faculty member cannot grant a W grade.
D. Create a placeholder grade in the grading scheme that a faculty member can grant until a W
is placed administratively.