Free 1Z0-516 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: 1Z0-516
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  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

One of your co-workers, Tim, is working to define and develop Financial Statement
Generator reports where the budget amounts and actual amounts would display on the report
per period. Tim comes to you and says that he has defined an FSG report according to the
client's requirements; the actual amounts are correctly shown, but the problem is that budget
amounts are not showing up on the report. What is your response?

A. Budget status is Frozen.
B. The budget name needs to be associated with the row set through control values.
C. There is some issue with the assignment of accounts to the budget organization.
D. The first fiscal year of the budget was never opened.
E. The last fiscal year of the budget is Closed.

Answer(s): B
Jason, the corporate controller of where you are implementing Oracle General
Ledger, Accounts Payable, an Accounts Receivable, is very excited about the Global
Intercompany System (GIS). He wrote some notes from a conversation with his accounting
manager about GIS. He wants you to validate which points he has written down about GIS are
true. Identify Jason's three correct points. (Choose three.)

A. GIS enables intercompany transactions to be approved after transfer from AP and AR.
B. Unlike intercompany accounting within the same set of books, GIS only works between sets
of books but not within the same set of books.
C. Intercompany journals are created automatical y as soon as they are approved.
D. You can set up GIS so that the sender's transactions do not need to be approved by the
E. If a sender approves the transaction but the receiver rejects it, the transaction is recal ed.
F. Each company that uses GIS must be set up as a subsidiary that is associated with a
balancing segment value.
G. You can optionally send notifications to a defined user or responsibility when an
intercompany transaction is initiated.

Answer(s): D, F, G
One of's clients wants the ability to report with Financial Statements Generator (FSG)
and perform account inquiry at the summary (business unit) level of its Cost Center segment. A
business unit is a group of cost centers and a business unit manager typically has several cost
centers under his or her responsibility. Which option will meet the client's requirements?

A. Define parent cost centers and a hierarchy of parent-child cost centers. Define Rollup Groups
for the parent cost centers, and Summary Accounts. Create FSG based on the parent cost
center values or Summary Accounts.
B. Define parent cost centers and a hierarchy of parent-child cost centers. Define Rollup Groups
for the parent cost centers. Create FSG based on the Rollup Groups.