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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-535
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  • Updated On: 24-Mar-2023

Select the true statement regarding Global Preferences in Primavera P6 EPPM Web Interface.

A. Global Preferences are shared among all users.
B. Global Preferences are customized at the user level.
C. Global Preferences are controlled by the System Administrator
D. Global Preferences are controlled by Global Security Profiles.

Answer(s): D
A global security profile determines a user's access to application-wide information and settings,
such as resources, global codes, and the OBS. P6 requires that you assign a global security
profile to each user.
Reference; P6 EPPM Administrator's Guide, Defining Global Security Profiles in P6 EPPM
An activity has an Original Duration of 10, and a Remaining Duration of 10. The Actual Start is
assigned to the activity. Physical % is updated to equal 80%.
What is the Remaining Duration for this activity?

A. 80
B. 10
C. 2
D. 8

Answer(s): B
The Project Manager selects the "Update units when costs change on resource assignments"
option on Calculations tab in Project Details. The Budgeted Cost is $2,000 and the Budgeted
Units is 80 for the resource on an activity. If the User assigns the activity an Actual Cost of
$1,000, what is the Actual Units for the resource?

A. 70
B. 40
C. 60
D. 80

Answer(s): B
Units At Completion Units - the best estimate of units (typically hours) required for the resource
to complete the activity. Calculated as (Remaining Units) + (Actual Units).
Budgeted Units - the estimated units required of resource to complete the activity before the
activity begins.
Actual Units - the actual units the resource has expended on this activity?
Remaining Units - the estimated units required to complete an activity that is in progress.
Before the activity is started, the remaining units are the same as the budgeted units.
When the activity is in-progress, the actual units (received from CEFMS) are subtracted from
the remaining units.

Free 1Z0-535 Exam Questions & Answers


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