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  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

Which of the items are reports available from SLC regarding partitioning on an SL500?

A. Cartridge Cel and Media Summary
B. Host Connections Summary
C. Orphaned Cartridge Report
D. Partition Summary
E. Partition Details
F. Al of the above
Answer(s): F
Partitions--Reports include:
Partitions--Reports--Cartridge Cell and Media Summary
Partitions--Reports--Host Connections Summary
Partitions--Reports--Orphaned Cartridge Report
Partitions--Reports--Partition Details
Partitions--Reports--Partition Summary
Reference: StorageTek SL500 Modular Library System, Partition Report Screens

What ACSLS command would change a cap priority?

A. set cap priority 5 0, 0, 1
B. define cap priority 5 0, 0, 1
C. change cap priority 5 0, 0, 1
D. lock cap priority 5 0, 0, 1
Answer(s): A
A: The set cap priority command sets a CAP's automatic selection priority.
Format set cap priority cap_priority cap_id
Reference: StorageTek ACSLS, Automated Cartridge System Library Software , set cap priority

Using ACSLS, how would you delete a tape pool?

A. Set scr off and delete the pool
B. Remove all data tapes and delete the pool
C. Delete pool 0 and all empty pools wil delete automatically
D. Remove all volumes from the pool and then delete it
Answer(s): A
Use the delete pool command to delete empty scratch pools. If a pool contains scratch
cartridges, you must reassign these cartridges to another pool before deleting the first pool. If a
scratch cartridge is mounted, it becomes a data cartridge but remains in its scratch pool. Use
the set scratch off command to reassign the data cartridge to the common pool.
Reference: StorageTek ACSLS, Automated Cartridge System Library Software , delete pool