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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-565
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  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

The customer needs to create Work Orders to support the manufacturing process. Which three
statements regarding Work Orders are true?

A. MRP Messages for manufactured items are actual y work order headers at status "Blank."
B. The user can specify the revision level.
C. Values in the Work Order Type and Work Order Priority are defaulted from the data
D. Enabling the Work Order Freeze Code prevents MRP from suggesting expediting or
deferring a Work Order.
E. The Work Order number is also the Subledger number in a General Ledger entry.

Answer(s): A, B, D
Identify two Manufacturing Dashboard reports:

A. Material Lead Time
B. On Time Production Completions
C. Actual production vs. Planned Variance
D. Supplier on Time Delivery
E. Work in Process

Answer(s): A, D
Which two statements are true about the Manufacturing Work Center?

A. A specific branch/plant can be associated with the Manufacturing Work Center.
B. The quantity in "Number of Employees" defaults into "Crew Size" in any routing that uses the
Work Center.
C. The simulated rates for machine and labor hours can be entered.
D. A Work Center is a business unit with a Business Unit Type of MFG.

Answer(s): B, C

Product Costing is used to calculate costs for the subassembly or finished product using the
information stored which files?

A. Bil of Material (F3002) and the Routing (F3003) files
B. Company Constants and Address Book Files
C. Inventory Master and Bil of Material
D. Routing and Inventory
E. Routing and Work Order

Answer(s): A

Free 1Z0-565 Exam Questions & Answers


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