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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-574
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  • Updated On: 27-Mar-2023

Which of the following are ORA Engineering logical categories?

A. Integrated Development Environment
B. Quality Manager
C. Asset Manager
D. Monitoring and Management
Answer(s): A,B
Explanation: The Engineering logical view shows the logical components of the Engineeringenvironment
and show how they are connected to each other. T
The primary logical categories as shown are:
*Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
*Quality Manager
*Deployment Manager
*Metadata Repository
*Asset Repository
Reference: Oracle Reference Architecture, Software Engineering, Release 3.0, Engineering
Logical View

Which of the following options best describes the concept of data-driven testing?

A. Data-driven testing is a strategy used to perform load testing.
B. Data-driven testing is used to perform functional tests by iterating through data sets in a databank.
C. Data-driven testing uses a single predefined data set to perform repeated testing.
D. Data-driven testing uses database triggers to initiate and run test cases.
Answer(s): B
Explanation: One of the best ways to perform functional testing is through data-driven testing, in which a
databank is created to cover the various functional use cases and is used to drive the testing. This
requires the ability to iterate through a list of data sets in the databank, substitute them for the input
values, and run the tests.
Reference: Oracle Reference Architecture, Software Engineering, Release 3.0, Data driven testing
As part of a company-wide IT Initiative to simplify and rationalize the technology and products used you
have been tasked with defining an Enterprise Architecture. The Enterprise Architecture wil be used to
communicate the desired future state where redundant, deprecated, and undesired technology and
products have been eliminated. Oracle products wil be included. In the Enterprise Architecture, it will be
products from other vendors, including products that directly compete with Oracle products.
Which option best describes how IT Strategies from Oracle (ITSO) material can be used while creating
the Enterprise Architecture?

A. The ITSO material cannot be used because ITSO applies to Oracle products only.
B. The ITSO material can be used without modification because it has no Oracle product dependencies.

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