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What information would the "beadm list -ds" command output?

A. a list of all Bes
B. a list of the datasets and snapshot information for the active BE
C. a list of the datasets and snapshot information for all Bes
D. a list of the default sets
E. a list of BEs in machine readable format

Answer(s): C
You can display information about snapshots, boot environments, and datasets that were
created by the beadm command by using the beadm list subcommand. The beadm list
command output also displays boot environments that are created by the pkg command.

The beadm list command syntax is:

Syntax: beadm list [-a | [-ds] [-H] [BeName]

The command lists information about the existing boot environment. To view information for a
specific boot environment, replace BeName with a boot environment name. If a specific boot
environment is not specified, the command lists information about all boot environments. The
default is to list boot environments without additional information.

-a ? Lists all available information about the boot environment. This information includes
subordinate datasets and snapshots.

-d ? Lists information about all subordinate datasets that belong to the boot environment.

-s ? Lists information about the snapshots of the boot environment.

-H ? Prevents listing header information. Each field in the output is separated by a semicolon.

Reference: Oracle Solaris 11 Information Library, Listing Existing Boot Environments and
What two entries could complete the following command from the directory listing below?
A. inetboot.SUN4U.Solaris_10-1

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