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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-581
  • Provider: Oracle
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  • Updated On: 19-Mar-2023

The storage administrator is viewing the Axiom storage systems and would like to create a
volume for the SAN host. Which GUI component is used to manage this task?

A. AxiomONE MaxMan
B. AxiomONE Storage Services Manager
C. AxiomONE Storage Manager
D. AxiomONE QoS Manager
Answer(s): A
Explanation: Java-based GUI for multi-system management. This client application, called
AxiomONE MaxMan, allows for the management of multiple Pil ar Axiom systems through a
single interface.
Pil ar Axiom MaxMan enables you to easily access powerful data protection capabilities that
generate full copies of data with volume copy and backup features. You can also use a rich set
of space-efficient data protection tools with copy-on-write clone functionality for SAN as well as
NAS environments. It also enables centralized management of storage infrastructure by
integrating with leading management framework software such as Oracle Enterprise Manager

The storage administrator is creating a volume and wants to protect it from a full Brick failure.
Identify the protection level needed to accomplish this configuration.

A. Standard Redundancy
C. Double Redundancy
D. assigning the volume to a Storage Domain
Answer(s): C
Explanation: When a factory-fresh, single-SATA Brick system is first powered up, Persistence
(which is the
Pil ar Axiom data store containing many system settings) wil be configured on that Brick.
Persistence will be doubly-redundant with both instances residing on the same Brick (on two
data LUNs). If additional Bricks are added later, Persistence will not be migrated to locate the
different copies on separate Bricks for higher protection against single-Brick failure.
Reference: Pil ar Axiom 300, 500, and 600. Release notes, Persistence Vulnerability in Single-
SATA Brick Systems
The development team needs a volume that contains data from the production system for
Identify the best Pil ar Axiom storage system method that can solve this chal enge.

A. Copy LUN
B. Clone LUN
C. Snapshot
D. Clone Volume
Answer(s): B

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