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  • Updated On: 24-Mar-2023

Your company requires all its developers to use a well-specified set of exception classes to
model several common error conditions, many of the which are specific to its business. These
exception classes are centrally maintained and come packaged in a library (a JAR file). The
application you are developing needs to report a number of error conditions covered by this
library to remote clients.
Which paring of component type and remote access technology enables client applications to
use the predefined exceptions as part of their natural programming model?

A. Servlet accessed using HTTP
B. Entity bean accessed using web services
C. Stateless session bean accessed using Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
D. Message-driven bean accessed using Java Message Service (JMS) queue
Answer(s): C
An investment company has purchased a number of small online business referral systems that
appeal to various niche demographics. The company wants to bring these networks together in
hopes of finding a broad, single theme and brand image for these groups before they can do
that, they need to get the users communicating with outside their current networks.
Which Web Services pattern would you recommend they consider in building a scheme to
accommodate this communication?

A. Asynchronous Interactions
B. PAOS Interactions
C. Web Services Broker
D. JMS Bridge
Answer(s): A
A Hot Potato anti pattern can arise from misuse of which technology combination?

A. Bean Validation with JSF Managed Beans
B. Messaging in the Business Tier
C. JNDI Lookups with Global Java Naming
D. JPA with the Web Tier
Answer(s): C
You are the architect of an existing project. Making changes to one component frequently
requires making changes to many other components.
Which action would reduce future maintenance costs?

A. Redesign the configuration and deployment.
B. Add an abstraction layer between the servlets and the EJB components.


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