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Given the definition of the Vehicle class:

Class Vehhicle {
int distance; //line n1
Vehicle (int x) {
this distance = x;
public void increSpeed(int time) { //line n2
int timeTravel = time; //line n3
class Car {
int value = 0;
public void speed () {
value = distance /timeTravel;
System.out.println ("Velocity with new speed"+value+"kmph");
new Car().speed();

and this code fragment:

Vehicle v = new Vehicle (100);

What is the result?

A. Velocity with new speed
B. A compilation error occurs at line n1.
C. A compilation error occurs at line n2.
D. A compilation error occurs at line n3.

Answer(s): A QUESTION: 2
IntStream stream = IntStream.of (1,2,3);
IntFunction<Integer> inFu= x -> y -> x*y; //line n1
IntStream newStream =; //line n2

Which modification enables the code fragment to compile?

A. Replace line n1 with:
IntFunction<UnaryOperator> inFu = x -> y -> x*y;
B. Replace line n1 with:
IntFunction<IntUnaryOperator> inFu = x -> y -> x*y;
C. Replace line n1 with:
BiFunction<IntUnaryOperator> inFu = x -> y -> x*y;

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