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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-821
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Topic 1, Volume A

zone1 is a non-global zone that has been configured and installed.
zone1 was taken down for maintenance, and the following command was run:
zoneadm -z zone1 mark incomplete
The following information is displayed when listing the zones on your system:
Which task needs to be performed before you can boot zone1?

A. The zone needs to be installed.
B. The zone needs to be brought to the ready state.
C. The zone needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled.
D. The zone needs to be brought to the complete state.
Answer(s): C
If administrative changes on the system have rendered a zone unusable or inconsistent, it is
possible to change the state of an installed zone to incomplete. Marking a zone incomplete is
irreversible. The only action that can be taken on a zone marked incomplete is to uninstall the
zone and return it to the configured state.
Installing, Booting, Halting, Uninstalling, and Cloning Non-Global Zones (Tasks), How to Mark
an Installed Non-Global Zone Incomplete
You need to make sure that all of the software packages on your server are up to date. Without
installing any updates, which two commands would display .my software updates that are
available in the default Oracle repository?

A. pkg list -u
B. pkg verify -u `*'
C. pkg search -u
D. pkg info -r `*'
E. pkg install -nv
F. pkg update -nv `*'

Answer(s): A, D
A: the pgk list command display a list of packages in the current image, including state and
other information. By default, package variants for a different architecture or zone type are
D: pkginfo displays information about software packages that are installed on the system (with

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