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  • Exam Number: 1z0-822
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  • Questions: 140
  • Updated On: 24-Mar-2023

A recursive snapshot was taken of the root pool and the snapshot streams are stored on a
remote system. The boot disk has failed, has been replaced, and the root pool snapshots have
been restored. Which two steps are stil required to make the system bootable?

A. Re-create the swap and dump devices.
B. Install the boot blocks on the new disk.
C. Restore the snapshot stream.
D. Set the bootfs property on the root pool.
E. Perform a ZFS rollback to restore the file systems in the root pool.
Answer(s): C, E
Review the following output from the zpool status command:

Which three are true for pool1?

A. It this mirror is split, the new pool wil contain disks c3t5d0 and c3t6d0.
B. If this mirror is split, by default the new pool wil contain disks c3t3d0 and c3t5d0.
C. Data is striped across mirror-0 and mirror-1.
D. mirror-1 is a mirrored copy of data that is stored on mirror-0.
E. Disk c3t3d0 is a mirrored copy of disk c3c4d0.
F. If this mirror is split, pool1 wil no longer be mirrored.
Answer(s): B, D, E
The zfs holds command displays the following information:

Which two statements are true?

A. Use zfs destroy ?d pool12/data@nov to destroy the snapshot immediately.
B. Attempts to destroy the snapshot using zfs destroy pool12/data@nov wil fail.


Free 1Z0-822 Exam Questions & Answers


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