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  • Exam Number: 1Z0-858
  • Provider: Oracle
  • Questions: 276
  • Updated On: 2-Feb-2023

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1Z0-858 Exam Objectives & Details

The Oracle 1Z0-858 Java EE 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional Exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills of individuals who have experience developing Java EE 5 web components. The 1Z0-858 exam covers a range of topics including Servlets, JavaServer Pages (JSPs), JavaServer Faces (JSF), and JavaBeans. To pass the 1Z0-858 exam, it is recommended that individuals have a solid understanding of the Java programming language and web application development. They should also have hands-on experience working with Java EE 5 technologies, including Servlets, JSPs, JSF, and JavaBeans. It is also recommended that individuals prepare for the 1Z0-858 exam by reviewing the Exam Objectives and studying relevant materials, such as Oracle's official certification guide, online resources, and practice exams.

Exam Objectives:

The 1Z0-858 exam covers the following objectives: Java Web Component Development Servlet API JavaServer Pages (JSP) API JavaServer Faces (JSF) API JavaBeans API Java EE Web Component Architecture and Deployment Java EE Security

Exam Details:

Cost: The cost of the 1Z0-858 exam is $245. Passing Mark: The passing mark for the 1Z0-858 exam is 65%. Time: The 1Z0-858 exam is 120 minutes long. Delivery Method: The 1Z0-858 exam is delivered through Pearson VUE, an online testing platform. Format: The 1Z0-858 exam consists of multiple-choice and short answer questions. It is important to note that Oracle regularly updates the 1Z0-858 exam to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date with the latest Java EE 5 technologies and best practices. In conclusion, passing the Oracle 1Z0-858 Java EE 5 Web Component Developer Certified Professional Exam requires a combination of hands-on experience, study, and preparation. Individuals should review the Exam Objectives, study relevant materials, and take practice exams to increase their chances of success.

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