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What are three sources of malware sample data for the Threat Intelligence Cloud? (Choose three)

  1. Next-generation firewalls deployed with WildFire Analysis Security Profiles
  2. WF-500 configured as private clouds for privacy concerns
  3. Correlation Objects generated by AutoFocus
  4. Third-party data feeds such as partnership with ProofPomt and the Cyber Threat Alliance
  5. Palo Alto Networks non-firewall products such as Traps and Prisma SaaS

Answer(s): C,D,E

Reference: network/subscriptions/autofocus

What are two core values of the Palo Alto Network Security Operating Platform? (Choose two.}

  1. prevention of cyber attacks
  2. safe enablement of all applications
  3. threat remediation
  4. defense against threats with static security solution

Answer(s): A,C

What are two advantages of the DNS Sinkholing feature? (Choose two.)

  1. It forges DNS replies to known malicious domains.
  2. It monitors DNS requests passively for malware domains.
  3. It can be deployed independently of an Anti-Spyware Profile.
  4. It can work upstream from the internal DNS server.

Answer(s): A,D


Which two products can send logs to the Cortex Data Lake? (Choose two.)

  1. AutoFocus
  2. PA-3260 firewall
  3. Prisma Access
  4. Prisma Public Cloud

Answer(s): B,C


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