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A manager requests a report that contains the following columns: Create, Date, Case ID, Create Operator, and Work Status. You must sort the Case ID values to the case with the highest ID value appears at the top of the list and descends in order. How would you design the report definition to support this requirement ?

  1. For the Case ID property, select Count in the Summarize column
  2. Make sure that the Case ID is the first column in the report
  3. For the Case ID property, select Highest to Lowest sort type
  4. Add a filter condition where Case ID is greater than one

Answer(s): C

You are configuring a declarative network that contains eleven declare expressions to calculate the interest rate for a home mortgage. For example, the target value Property Tax Assessment is used as a source value when calculating the Assessed Property Value. The declare expressions use target values from other expressions to calculate their target values. The field that displays the interest rate appears on the approval form. To improve performance, how can you reduce the number of calculations ?

  1. Specify whenever used in the total interest rate declare expression
  2. Specify Property Tax Assessment as trigger event in the declare expression that calculates the total interest rate value
  3. Apply the declare expression in the approval flow action
  4. Calculate the total interest rate value by adding all the declare expression target property values

Answer(s): A

Where is a When rule referenced when called from a flow? (Choose One)

  1. Assignment
  2. Decision
  3. Service Level
  4. Connector
  5. Fork

Answer(s): D

A loan application requires a borrower data type with fields to collect first/last name, address, employment, income, credit score, etc. In certain situations data type of spouse/partner and/or cosigner are required. Can all data types reuse the same properties? (Choose One)

  1. Yes, if each data type references the same data class
  2. No, each data type must reference a unique data class
  3. Yes, if each field references the same data source
  4. No, each data type must reference a unique data source

Answer(s): A

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