Free PMI-200 Exam Braindumps

In Agile projects, the technique in which planning is done at three distinct horizons is known

  1. Monte Carlo Analysis.
  2. Portfolio Management.
  3. DelphiTechnique.
  4. Progressive Elaboration.

Answer(s): D

When an Agile project team receives an "emergency request"during an iteration, which is the best first step that the Agile project manager should take?

  1. Stop work on unfinished user stories and work on the urgent request.
  2. Call a team meeting and change the iteration scope to include the request.
  3. Provide the customer with options provided by the project team.
  4. Explain that the team cannot do the added work until the next iteration.

Answer(s): C

The process of reviewing, testing, and accepting implemented features is called:

  1. Retrospective.
  2. Stakeholder review.
  3. Scope verification.
  4. Iteration planning.

Answer(s): C

In a Lean project environment, visual controls:

  1. Can be used by management for communicating specific corrective direction.
  2. Are easy to use, reflect the team's progress, and show the team what to do next.
  3. Are helpful while the team is forming but are less important for more experienced teams.
  4. Should be kept to a minimum to avoid distracting the team from high-value activities.

Answer(s): A

Applying the Pareto rule when prioritizing the Product Backlog means that:

  1. features that are lower priority are more likely to slip to the next iteration.
  2. the value of a feature is not realized until the feature is complete.
  3. more recent requests are usually more important to the business.
  4. a small percentage of the work will provide a large percentage of the value.

Answer(s): D