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A business analyst has been assigned to a project to implement a new phone system for a customer call center. The business analyst will need to create a business case.

Which of the following components will the business analyst use as input to the business case?

  1. Product scope
  2. Work breakdown structure
  3. Project timeline
  4. Project scope

Answer(s): D

Which technique allows the collection of the maximum number of ideas on a subject from a group without considering the validity or practicality of the ideas?

  1. Prototyping
  2. Surveying
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Interviewing

Answer(s): C

The business analyst receives multiple changes from different stakeholders during the requirements gathering phase of a project. How should the business analyst track the requirements throughout the lifecycle of the project to secure the delivery of the expected solution?

  1. Record all the requirements in a matrix, review it regularly, and get approval from stakeholders.
  2. Perform inspections through the lifecycle of the project to detect any gaps and adjust the requirements baseline.
  3. Plan regular meetings with stakeholders to review the requirements baseline update and to discuss changes.
  4. Establish a risk traceability matrix and designate someone to manage each risk with the appropriate response.

Answer(s): B

When a business analyst uses subject matter experts to define roles and identify influencers, which project artifact is created or updated?

  1. Stakeholder management plan
  2. RACI matrix
  3. Stakeholder register
  4. SWOT analysis

Answer(s): C


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Sultan 9/23/2023 11:54:44 AM
Q- 91(During a requirements workshop, sponsors and managers from different departments express varying points of view and priorities about the product’s functions and requirements. The business analyst struggles with facilitating the group to reach an agreement. What should the business analyst have defined to avoid this? The correct answer is A NOT B. Because here we are taking about BA not PM.