Free PMI-SP Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: PMI-SP
  • Provider: PMI
  • Questions: 326
  • Updated On: 2-Dec-2022


Once the project's WBS has been created what process may happen next?

A. Estimate activity resources
B. Define activities
C. Estimate activity durations
D. Sequence activities

Answer(s): B


Which of the following scheduling techniques identifies the successor activities and the
predecessor activities to assist the project manager in sequencing the project work?

A. Precedence Diagramming Method
B. Schedule network template
C. Dependency determination
D. Activity on the Node

Answer(s): A


You are the project manager of the NHGQ project for your company. You must create and
distribute performance reports every week to your key project stakeholders. What
communication technique do you normally use to distribute reports?

A. Push technique
B. Many-to-many
C. One-to-one
D. Pull technique

Answer(s): A


Your project team is executing the project plan and things are going well. Your team has
reached its first milestone and is now in the second phase of the project. The project
stakeholders have requested that you find a method to reduce the duration of the project. They
wil reward you and your project team with a 25 percent bonus of the project costs if you can
finish the project thirty days earlier than what was already planned. The stakeholders, however,
wil not approve any additional labor costs as part of the agreement. Which approach could you
use to shorten the duration of the project?

A. Perform resource leveling for the project.
B. Crash the project schedule.