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  • Updated On: 15-Sep-2020

Advanced Administrator
Position and job opening is a Master Detail relationship. OWD for Position is Private. Someone
else wants to edit Job Openings. How to do it?

A. Create Sharing rule in Position
B. Create Sharing rule in Job Application
C. Create Apex based Sharing
D. Create Manual Sharing

Answer(s): A
Custom object with bil ing state, province and zip code. How we can make sure that Zip code is
Correct as per bil ing State?

A. Create Validation rule and use VLOOKUP to check zip code against stored Bil ing State
B. Create Validation rule and use HLOOKUP to check zip code against stored Bil ing State
C. Create Workflow to automatically update Zip code from stored Bil ing State

Answer(s): A
How can a system administrator enrich data through social?

A. Use facebook to import educational background of the contact
B. Use the company's Facebook to share information
C. Use LinkedIn to view information of the contact
D. Use Twitter to view contact's tweet while viewing contact record

Answer(s): C
What access can users have to Accounts and Opportunities when territory management is

A. Transfer and Delete opportunities regardless of the owner of the record
B. View Account records regardless of the account record owner.
C. Edit, Transfer and Delete Opportunity records regardless of the record of the owner.
D. Edit Opportunity records regardless of the account owner

Answer(s): B
What can an administrator do to enable customers to submit service request? (Choose two.).

A. Enter live chat agent on the company website
B. Enable chatter answers

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