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Agents at Universal Containers are required to update the case status to Waiting for Customer after they send an email to the case contact. Support Managers are noticing that many Agents are forgetting to perform this step.
What should a consultant recommend to address this problem?

  1. Configure Process Builder
  2. Activate a Validation Rule
  3. Define Case Escalation Rules
  4. Create a Case Macro

Answer(s): D

A consultant has been hired to integrate a client's phone system with the Salesforce Service Console.
What are two key considerations for this integration? Choose 2 answers

  1. CTI Adapter configuration
  2. Lightning Console enablement
  3. Call Center Definition File creation
  4. Service Console case creation configuration

Answer(s): A,C

Universal Containers is planning to provide different levels of support to customers in order to ensure its Agents are working within the confines of the Service Level Agreement.
Which feature should the Consultant consider?

  1. Omni-Channel
  2. Entitlements
  3. Case Escalation
  4. Case Milestones

Answer(s): B

The contact center at Universal Containers offers support through phone, email, public website, and a Community. The contact center manager wants to demonstrate the success of recent self-service initiatives to executive management.
Which two reports should the contact center manager present to executive management? Choose 2 answers

  1. Number of cases closed by self-service users.
  2. Average call handle time by team.
  3. Number of Knowledge articles created each month.
  4. Number of cases created using Communities by month.

Answer(s): A,D

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Lakhan Mundra 2/22/2024 12:50:26 PM
The correct answer to Q53 is Record Type, Support Process and Page Layouts.

Lakhan Mundra 2/22/2024 12:18:36 PM
There is an error in Q51. Option A is part of the question. The answer to this is B. Assign a global team of experienced agents and leaders to create a common design template and report structure.

Emmanuel Imasuen 10/31/2023 3:34:17 PM
Q54 requires 2 answers. Only 1 is provided in the solution.

Emmanuel Imasuen 10/31/2023 3:25:41 PM
There is an error in Q51. It looks like option A is part of the question. As is, this is not currently a question. It is a statement. The answer also needs re-visiting.

Emmanuel Imasuen 10/31/2023 1:54:01 PM
I am not sure why the answer to question 40 requires development to be carried out in a developer edition and then deployed with an unmanaged package. How does this address the issue raised by management? Why is the configuration not in a sandbox?

Emmanuel Imasuen 10/31/2023 12:31:44 PM
Question 20 requires 3 answers but the solution only provides 2.

Max 10/5/2023 7:51:46 PM
Very good questions

Jovan 5/4/2023 10:21:33 PM
As someone who struggles with test anxiety, this exam dumps questions helped me pass my exam.