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Universal Containers has an output document with a line item table that currently displays product options that are marked as Included.
What step should the Admin take to remove the Included products from the line item table?

  1. Set the Show Bundled Products field to False on the Quote Template.
  2. Set the Hide Included Products field to True on the Quote Template.
  3. Create a Quote Line field OutputVisibility__C that returns False if Included = True.
  4. Create a filter on the line items Template Section where Component = False

Answer(s): A

Universal Containers allows clients to negotiate a discount for Product A until a specified date up contract activation.
Which three fields on the Contracted Price record should be configured to satisfy this requirement?

  1. Product
  2. Contract
  3. Expiration Date
  4. Discount
  5. Effective Date

Answer(s): A,C,D

The Universal Containers Admin is creating a custom formula field, Approval Score, on the Quote Line object to calculate approval score. This field will calculate the average approval score for the Quote to determine how many levels of approval the record should go through when submitted.

The Admin planned to use a roll-up summary field on the Quote object to average the Quote Line Approval Score field. The Admin received an error when attempting to create the field. The Quote object has too many roll-up summary fields.

In addition to creating a custom number field on the Quote object to capture the average Approval Score, which action Should the Admin take to resolve the issue?

  1. Create a trigger to populate the average Approval Score.
  2. Create a Summary Variable and Product Rule to populate the number field with the average Approval Score.
  3. Create a Workflow Rule with a Field Update to populate the average Approval Score.
  4. Create a Summary Variable and Price Rule to populate the number field with the average Approval Score.

Answer(s): A

Which is not a pro-rate precision option (in the Package Settings)?

  1. Month
  2. Month + Week
  3. Month + Day
  4. Day

Answer(s): B

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