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Universal Containers wants its premier service, Shipping Plus, to appear at the top of Product Selection when users add Products to the Quote.
How can the Admin Configure the Shipping Plus Product record to meet this requirement?

  1. Set the Product's Sort Order as the only null Sort Order of any Product.
  2. Set the Sort Order as the lowest numerical value of any Product's Sort Order.
  3. Set the Product Code as the first alphabetically of any Product's Product Code.
  4. Set the Product's Product Code as the only null Product Code of any Product.

Answer(s): B

Universal Containers sends a company PDF brochure with each Quote to potential customers. Sales rep attach the brochure to each email sent.
What should the Admin do to simplify this process?

  1. Manually attach the PDF as an Additional Document on each Quote the sales rep sends.
  2. Add the PDF as a required Additional Document on the Quote Template.
  3. Upload the PDF into the Documents object folder named Output Attachments.
  4. Create an HTML Template Content record for the PDF and include it in a Template Section.

Answer(s): B

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to reflect future renewals in its forecast pipeline as soon as the current Contract is created.
Some customers will require changes to existing Contracts during the Contract Term. NTO wants the Opportunity pipeline to reflect this as soon as these changes are applied. What should the Admin configure to meet the requirement?

  1. Automate setting the Renewal Forecast checkbox on the current Contract upon creation.
  2. Automate renewal forecasting with a Lightning Quick Action on the Opportunity.
  3. Automate setting the Renewal Quoted checkbox on the current Contract upon creation.
  4. Automate setting the Renewal Forecast checkbox and Renewal Quoted checkbox on the current Contract upon creation.

Answer(s): A

Universal Containers has a slab Discount Schedule for Product A with these Discount Tiers:

If Product A has a List Price of $100.00, what is the Net Total for a Quote Line with the quantity of 21?

  1. $1,050.00
  2. $1,725.00
  3. $1,700.00
  4. $1,575.00

Answer(s): C

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