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- Encourage collaboration among architects and builders

- Ensure that members have access to technical expertise about the structural capabilities and
limitations of containers

- Facilitate the exchange and discussion of design ideas

Which three actions should the Admin take prior to launch?

Choose 3 answers

Select one or more of the following:

A. Set up reputation levels that help users to identify people with greater expertise and
incentivise participation
B. Establish moderation rules and processes for addressing flagged content
C. Make sure customers are members of only the Architect and Builder Community
D. Test the member profile permissions to make sure they are able too find and post relevant
E. Load test Chatter groups to make sure file and member counts won't be exceeded

Answer(s): B, C

A Community has two types of users:

- External users who can belong to multiple Communities.
- Internal users who belong to one or more Communities.

Which two features allows both user groups to navigate between each Community? Choose 2

A. Mobile Administration.
B. Global Header.
C. Community URL.
D. Appending "/one/" to the Community URL.

Answer(s): B, C

Your company has asked you to leverage Salesforce for their new customer community and
wish to ensure that it is mobile ready which template(s) can you leverage to support this
requirement? FOUR ANSWERS

A. Kokua
B. Napili
C. Aloha
D. Visualforce + Tabs
E. Koa

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