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Which values must be defined when creating a new Opportunity Stage?Choose 3 answers

A. Close Date
B. Amount
C. Probability
D. Forecast Category
E. Type

Answer(s): C, D, E
Which capability allows an app builder to grant object-level access? Choose 2 answers

A. Assigning a user a Profile that allows Read access to an object
B. Assigning a user a Permission Set that allows for Read and Edit access to an object
C. Assigning a user a Public Group that allows for Read and Edit access to an object
D. Assigning a user a Role that allows Read access to an object.

Answer(s): A, B
A divisional manager wants to add a chart into a page layout Which report format can be used
as the source report to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers.

A. Matrixformat with a chart.
B. Joined format with a chart.
C. Tabular format with a chart.
D. Summary format with a chart.

Answer(s): A, D
What is a true statement in regards to managing access to reports and dashboards? Choose 2

A. Users with the "Manage Public Reports" permission can organize reports by creating custom
report folders and sending invitations to users to access them.
B. Users must have certain permissions to access public, hidden, or shared folder.
C. Users with the "Manage Public Reports" and "Create and Customize Reports" permissions
can create custom reports that all users can view.
D. Users that want to grant access to personal folders can manual y share a personal folder with
a user or public group.

Answer(s): A, C

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