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Topic 1, Exam Pool A

What are two benefits of the Lightning Component framework? (Choose two.)

A. It simplifies complexity when building pages, but not applications.
B. It provides an event-driven architecture for better decoupling between components.
C. It promotes faster development using out-of-box components that are suitable for desktop
and mobile devices.
D. It allows faster PDF generation with Lightning components.

Answer(s): B, C
A developer needs to create a Visualforce page that displays Case data. The page wil be used
by both support reps and support managers. The Support Rep profile does not allow visibility of
the Customer_Satisfaction__c field, but the Support Manager profile does.
How can the developer create the page to enforce Field Level Security and keep future
maintenance to a minimum?

A. Create one Visualforce Page for use by both profiles.
B. Use a new Support Manager permission set.
C. Create a separate Visualforce Page for each profile.
D. Use a custom controller that has the with sharing keywords.

Answer(s): D
In a single record, a user selects multiple values from a multi-select picklist.
How are the selected values represented in Apex?

A. As a List<String> with each value as an element in the list
B. As a String with each value separated by a comma
C. As a String with each value separated by a semicolon
D. As a Set<String> with each value as an element in the set

Answer(s): C
A developer has the controller class below.

Which code block wil run successfully in an execute anonymous window?

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