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Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Exam

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CUSTOMER-DATA-PLATFORM Exam Objectives & Details

Salesforce CUSTOMER-DATA-PLATFORM Exam Preparation Guide

The Salesforce CUSTOMER-DATA-PLATFORM exam is designed for individuals who have a deep understanding of Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) and its capabilities. By passing this exam, you can demonstrate your expertise and earn the title of Salesforce CDP Accredited Professional. To help you prepare for the exam, the following guide covers the important topics and objectives that are covered on the exam, as well as the exam details, such as cost, format, and delivery method.

Exam Objectives:

  • Understand the benefits and use cases of Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Know how to design, implement and manage customer data in Salesforce CDP
  • Understand how to integrate Salesforce CDP with other Salesforce products and external systems
  • Understand the best practices for reporting and analyzing customer data
  • Know how to troubleshoot common issues in Salesforce CDP

Exam Topics:

  • Salesforce CDP Overview and Capabilities
  • Data Management and Governance
  • Integration and Automation
  • Data Analysis and Reporting
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Exam Details:

  • Cost: The cost of the CUSTOMER-DATA-PLATFORM exam is $200 USD
  • Passing Mark: The passing mark for the exam is 65%
  • Time: The exam duration is 90 minutes
  • Delivery Method: The exam is delivered online through the Salesforce website
  • Format: The exam consists of multiple choice and scenario-based questions

Preparation Tips:

  • Familiarize yourself with the exam objectives and topics covered on the exam
  • Practice using Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) in a real-world setting
  • Use online study resources, such as Salesforce's own study guides, practice exams, and user forums
  • Consider attending a Salesforce training course to get hands-on experience and expert instruction
  • Stay up to date with the latest Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) features and best practices

By following the above tips and using the resources available to you, you can feel confident in your ability to pass the Salesforce CUSTOMER-DATA-PLATFORM exam and earn your accreditation as a Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) Accredited Professional.

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