Free DEV-501 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: DEV-501
  • Provider: Salesforce
  • Questions: 239
  • Updated On: 29-Sep-2022

Universal Containers has built a recruiting application with two custom objects, Job Applications
and Reviews that have a master-detail relationship. Users should NOT be allowed to delete
review records after job application records have been approved.
How would a developer meet this requirement?

A. Change the interviewer's profile to Read-only for the review object
B. Use workflow to change the page layout to Read-only
C. Remove the Delete button from the job application page layout
D. Use a validation rule in conjunction with a roll-up summary field

Answer(s): D
What can cross-object formulas reference?

A. Both parent and child object records
B. Parent object records only
C. Child object records only
D. Other records of the same object

Answer(s): B
Universal Containers requires that all job applications have a unique code that is auto-populated
when records are created. The code must be different from the record ID.
What would a developer use to accomplish this declaratively?

A. Custom auto number field
B. Custom master-detail field
C. Custom read-only number field
D. Custom lookup relationship field

Answer(s): A
Which is a valid formula return type for a custom formula field? Choose 3 answers

A. Date
B. Percent
C. Email
D. Phone
E. Currency

Answer(s): A