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  • Exam Number: Field Service Lightning Consultant
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  • Updated On: 15-Sep-2020

Universal Containers would like to engage Contractors and Customers directly in their Field
Service Solution. Which three options wil provide read, write and edit access to Works Order
objects? Choose 3 answers

A. Customer Communities Plus
B. Chatter Files Connect
C. Chatter Customer Groups
D. Partner Communities
E. Customer Communities

Answer(s): A, D, E

Universal Containers wants to provide a pro-formal invoice to their customer at the completion
of a Work Order. Which three should a Consultant set up in order to achieve this requirement?

A. Create Account-wide Discounts.
B. Apply Promotion to the Work Order.
C. Apply Price Book to the Work Order.
D. AppCreate Products and Price Book Entries.
E. Create Work Order Line Items with Products.

Answer(s): C, D, E

Universal Containers is concerned about the decrease in Asset Uptime metrics. Which two
actions should a Consultant recommend?

A. Establish a Preventative Maintenance program for their install base.
B. Integrate IoT data from their install base to detect asset issues.
C. Launch a feedback survey to their install base and follow up on results.
D. Review existing contracts for obsolete provisions and requirements.

Answer(s): A

Universal Containers wants to track how much time each Technician is actively working each
day. Which two data elements should be captured in order to calculate percentage of time
spend actively working.

A. Technician hours at client location.
B. Technician work orders completed
C. Technician hours traveling
D. Technician hours per day.

Answer(s): A, D


Universal Containers wants to reduce their mean-time-to-service. Which three Field Service

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