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  • Updated On: 17-Oct-2020

Universal Containers wants to equip their field technicians with access to helpful information
when they are in the field. What solution should a Consultant recommend to satisfy this

A. Attachments on Cases.
B. Knowledge Base on Cases.
C. Custom Links on Work Orders.
D. Knowledge Base on Work Orders.

Answer(s): D

Universal Containers is deploying Field Service Lightning in Europe, where pricing varies by
country. What Price Book structure is recommended?

A. Utilize a standard Price Book specific to each country.
B. Utilize the standard Price Book with pricing rules applied.
C. Utilize a custom Price Book specific to each country.

Answer(s): C
Approximately 70% of Universal Containers' site visits are inspections and quotation sessions
that take roughly the same amount of time and same set of resource skil s to complete. What
should a Consultant recommend to streamline the creation of these work orders?

A. Train Technicians to use Duplicate Work Order feature.
B. Launch the Work Order Standardization Wizard.
C. Create a standard set of Work Order Line Items.
D. Create Work Types for use on Work Orders

Answer(s): D

Universal Containers wants to have more control over the geography in which their Technicians
are performing work. What capability should a Consultant enable?

A. Service Territories
B. Geotracking
C. Territory Management
D. Location Management

Answer(s): A

Universal Containers needs to implement a way to track all internal and external work
associated with an inbound contact center request. How should a Consultant recommend
tracking the work?
A. Parent/Child Work Orders

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