Free Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: Mobile-Solutions-Architecture-Designer
  • Provider: Salesforce
  • Questions: 85
  • Updated On: 13-Aug-2022

Universal Containers has decided that they wil be using the bulk API to migrate the existing
data into Salesforce as they will be importing a total of 80 mil ion records. While planning for the
data migration, what techniques should the Architect recommend to make sure the load go
according to schedule? Choose 2 answers

A. Pre-process data that the triggers and workflows can be deactivated.
B. Perform a test load using a full Sandbox prior to the Production load.
C. Perform loads over a weekend server resource availability.
D. Leverage several workstations, loading different objects simultaneously.

Answer(s): A, B
Universal containers are building an integration between Salesforce and their data warehouse.
The architect has the following requirements:

1. Salesforce users need the ability to CRUD (create,read,update and delete) data from their
data warehouse without leaving the Salesforce user interface
2.The integration to the data warehouse should maintain the same look and feel as the existing
Salesforce user interface
3.The use of custom development Should be minimized

Which two solutions should the architect consider? Choose two options

A. Utilizelightning connect with custom ApexAdapter to provided CRUD access to the data
B. Utilize a canvas application to render the data warehouse data from within Salesforce
C. Utilize a visual force page from 3rd party JavaScript library that will provide CRUD
capabilities to the data warehouse.
D. Utilize a 3rd party tool from the App-Exchange that will provide CRUD capabilities between
the data warehouse and salesforce

Answer(s): A, B
Universal containers decided to use Salesforce sales cloud for their sales processes won
Opportunities must be sent to external ERP system for order fulfil ment. Al the line items must
also be sent along with Opportunities. The ERP system supports only SOAP- based messages
for receiving orders. What limitation of outbound messages might present a problem in this

A. Outbound messaging does not support multiple objects
B. Outbound messaging does not support SOAP
C. Outbound messaging cannot be made secure
D. Outbound messaging does not offer any reliability.

Answer(s): A