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A project is on day 3 of a step with a designated wait time of 5 days. The engagement studio program is then paused for 1 day and restarted.
If the wait time for the step remain at 5 days, what day of the designated 5 days of wait time would the prospect be on when the program is restarted?

  1. Day 4
  2. Day 3
  3. Day 0
  4. Day 5

Answer(s): A

What type of Information do rule step types look for in engagement studio programs?

  1. Prospect Interest
  2. Prospect behavior
  3. Prospect activity
  4. Prospect criteria

Answer(s): D

What is the difference between a visitor and a prospect?

  1. A prospect has an identified email address, while a visitor does not have an identified email address.
  2. A prospect has an opportunity associated with it. while a visitor does not have an opportunity associated with it.
  3. A prospect has submitted a Pardot form, while a visitor has not submitted a Pardot form.
  4. A prospect has an assigned user, while a visitor does not have an assigned user.

Answer(s): C

Which standard dashboard shows the total submission across all Pardot landing pages in B2B Marketing Analytics?

  1. Pipeline dashboard
  2. Engagement dashboard
  3. Account-Based Marketing dashboard
  4. Multi-Touch Attribution dashboard

Answer(s): B

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