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  • Updated On: 26-Sep-2020

What does the fraud detection module provide out-of-the-box? (2)

A. If an order is identified as fraud, it is rejected automatically and marked as cancelled
B. Essential fraud checks conducted by the internal fraud service
C. A sample/mockup implementation based on a fraud symptom detection
D. A storefront interface for customers to see the reason that their order is judged fraudulent

Answer(s): A, C

How do you add a property to a set of products? (2)

A. Create a new classification category and feature, and assign it to a catalog category
B. Create a new catalog version and include all products with the new required property
C. Create a new facet and include the new required property
D. Create a sub type of the product item type and include the new required property

Answer(s): A, B

You want to create a new web page. What are page templates used for? (2)

A. To add restrictions to a page
B. To specify the shared slots
C. To specify the layout of a page
D. To create page components

Answer(s): A, D

What can you do in the Basic Edit mode of SmartEdit? (3)

A. Synchronize a content catalog
B. Add components to a page
C. Add or edit component restrictions
D. Move components within a page
E. Save or recal a version

Answer(s): B, C, D

Which out-of-the-box features do Commerce Customizations provide? (2)

A. Personalized promotions
B. Personalized product bundles
C. Personalized search results
D. Personalized prices

Answer(s): A, C

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