Free C_HANAIMP142 Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C_HANAIMP142
  • Provider: SAP
  • Questions: 271
  • Updated On: 27-Nov-2020

Which of the following can be part of an analytic view? (Choose three)

A. Query transformation
B. Unions
C. Logical joins
D. Data foundation
E. Attributes

Answer(s): C, D, E
Which of the following criteria indicate that you should store data in row tables? (Choose two)

A. The tables have a large number of columns
B. The information models search the table based on the values of a few columns.
C. The information models frequently need to access all columns.
D. The tables require frequent write access.

Answer(s): C, D
Which SAP HANA privileges are used for administration tasks, such as creating schemas?

A. Analytic privileges
B. Application privileges
C. Package privileges
D. System privileges

Answer(s): D
What is an example of a selective data load using SAP Landscape Transformation?

A. Selected data field values are randomized and loaded into SAP HANA.
B. Selected units or currencies are converted into recalculated amounts or values and loaded
into SAP HANA.
C. Selected data for transformation is split into portions.
D. Selected data for a range of years is loaded into SAP HANA.

Answer(s): D
You want to implement an SAP HANA data model based on tables in a new schema that you
just created.
Which technical user requires select rights on your new schema?

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