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  • Updated On: 18-Sep-2020

Which of the following statements as regards Solution Manager is/are correct? (Choose two)

A. It is a central app management platform that customers can run in their solution landscape to
help them efficiently implement, operate, monitor and support their SAP solutions.
B. It is only used for the implementation of your solutions.
C. It is installed as a part of each of your existing landscape.
D. It acts as the central system of your solution landscape, thus, avoiding duplication of effort
and information and streamlining your activities.

Answer(s): A, D
The following states the general purpose of SAP Solution Manager: (Select all that apply)

A. Ensure efficient operations.
B. Ease implementation and upgrades.
C. H Optimize the management of your SAP solution.
D. Ensure reliability of your SAP solution.
E. Continuously adapt and improve your solution.

Answer(s): A, B, C, D, E
The purpose of SAP Solution Manager is to smoothly integrate various SAP solutions to achieve
which of the following: (Choose four)

A. Optimal support for operations
B. Faster issue resolution
C. Faster implementation
D. Faster internet access
E. Optimal access to support

Answer(s): A, B, C, E
Cycle of continuous improvement involves three life cycle phases. These are: (Choose two)

A. Operations
B. Implementation
C. Realization

Answer(s): A, B
The following are common scenarios for Solution Manager: (Choose any six)

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