Free C_SRM_72 Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C_SRM_72
  • Provider: SAP
  • Questions: 124
  • Updated On: 15-Sep-2020

Which documents are created for an invoice entered for a local purchase order in the
standalone scenario?

A. Accounting document in SRM
B. Invoice in ERP
C. Invoice in SRM
D. Accounting document in ERP

Answer(s): C, D
Which follow-on documents can be the result of an SRM confirmation of goods in the classic

A. Acknowledgement and inbound delivery
B. Material document and accounting document
C. Inbound delivery and material documents
D. Accounting document and inbound delivery

Answer(s): B
Which attribute within the organizational plan specifies the backend system where the account
assignment data is checked?

A. System alias for accounting systems
B. System alias for logical system
C. System alias
D. System alias for vendor

Answer(s): A
Accounting data is supplied according to the SAP SRM system configuration.
For which shopping carts is this data ignored?

A. For shopping carts which are subject to a purchaser completion workflow
B. For shopping carts in the extended classic scenario
C. For shopping carts referring to procurement cards
D. For shopping carts for direct material

Answer(s): D
Where is the setting that enables a purchaser to enter a bid on behalf of a supplier?

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