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  • Exam Number: C_TADM53_70
  • Provider: SAP
  • Questions: 80
  • Updated On: 26-Nov-2020

You want to use the Change and Transport System (CTS) to perform transports of non-ABAP
objects into non-ABAP systems. Which configuration settings are necessary for this?

A. The transport domain controller system must be based on SAP NetWeaver AS 7.00 SP
Stack 12 or higher.
B. You must use client-dependent transport routes for all systems in your transport domain.
C. You need to adjust certain tp parameters for the non-ABAP systems in question.
D. The CTS Deploy Web Service must be configured.

Answer(s): A, C, D
Which of the following is true when creating new clients within an SAP System based on AS
ABAP (for example, SAP ECC)?

A. Customizing and repository objects from a source client are automatical y copied to the new
client using the client copy tool.
B. Remote client copies generate large data files at the operating system level.
C. Log files indicating the success of a new client creation are stored in the home directory of
the user initiating the copy.
D. The client transport tool can be used to transfer the same source client, simultaneously, from
one SAP System to multiple other SAP systems in a single action.
E. The client copy can be accelerated by using several dialog work processes in parallel.

Answer(s): E
The customer has decided to implement a three system landscape for SAP ECC 6.0. A lot of
customizing and development work must be done before the SAP landscape goes live.
Someone has recommended using virtual systems in the beginning, instead of buying physical
hardware. Which statements regarding virtual systems are true? (Choose three)

A. Virtual systems are used to save money in the beginning of a project. Another side-effect is
that the productive SAP system can always be installed on the newest hardware technology.
B. Virtual systems are mainly used to simulate the correctness of transport routes.
C. The <SID> of the virtual system should be the same as the planned physical system.
D. Virtual systems are used in the transport environment like physical systems. Transport
buffers, command files and data files are created.
E. Virtual systems in the SAP transport environment are only used together with hypervisor
technologies from different third-party vendors.

Answer(s): A, C, D
After establishing a three-system landscape transport environment for SAP systems based on
AS ABAP, a developer has released a transport request in the DEV system. You now receive a
mail with the transport request number from the developer and your job is to import this request


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