Free C_TFIN52_65 Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C_TFIN52_65
  • Provider: SAP
  • Questions: 80
  • Updated On: 15-Sep-2020

Which of the following lists can be printed to help you edit a dunning proposal? (Choose two)
A. Condensed master data
B. Blocked accounts
C. Blocked line items
D. Sales statistics

Answer(s): B, C
What does the posting key control? (Choose three)

A. Account type
B. Document type
C. Field status
D. Debit/credit indicator
E. Number range

Answer(s): A, C, D
Your customer runs an SAP ERP system with New General Ledger Accounting activated.
What do you need to do for Profit Center updates to be part of the general ledger?

A. Activate transfer prices in Profit Center Accounting.
B. Set up the same group currency for all company codes and profit centers.
C. Deactivate document splitting for profit centers.
D. Assign the Profit Center Update scenario to the ledger.

Answer(s): D
If a vendor is also a customer, it is possible to clear both roles against each other.
Which settings are necessary to implement this? (Choose two)

A. The "Clearing with Vendor" field must be selected in the customer account, and the
corresponding field must be selected in the vendor account.
B. The vendor and the customer must be assigned to the same group account.
C. The vendor number must be entered in the customer account or the customer number
must be entered in the vendor account.
D. The payment program must be set up to allow debit checks for vendors and credit checks
for customers.

Answer(s): A, C
In a payment run, the data entered for a payment method in the document may differ from
the master data.
How is this resolved by the system?


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