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  • Updated On: 13-Jan-2021

Over recent years SAP has made a significant investment in designing and building a best-in-
class transportation management solution. This solution wil continue to evolve as more
functionality is rolled out. Currently, the solution supports the following scenarios for shippers
and logistic service providers:

A. Domestic Outbound Transportation And International Inbound Logistics
B. Domestic Inbound Transportation
C. International Outbound Transportation AndOcean Freight
D. For sales orders, destination locations are stored on root level.

Answer(s): A, B, C
What can initiate the creation of a forwarding agreement quotation?

A. Freight Agreement RFQ
B. Forwarding Agreement Quotation Assignment
C. Freight Agreement
D. CRM Opportunity

Answer(s): A, D
The following settings are defined for a freight order from location A to location B with two freight
* The distance between locations A and B in the transportation lane is 1500 km, the duration is
19 hours and the Fix Transportation Duration flag is set. The average speed for the means of
transport is defined as 100 km/h and the GIS quality flag is NOT set.
Loading and unloading of each freight unit at locations A and B is defined as 1 hour.
The vehicle resource is available weekdays from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.
? Loading starts on Monday at 8:30 am. When is unloading finished?

A. Tuesday 7:30 pm
B. Tuesday 5:30 pm
C. Tuesday 7:30 am
D. Tuesday 3:30 pm

Answer(s): A
Different business partners with various relationships to one another exist in the marketplace.
Examples of business partners are:

A. Employee
B. Enable
C. Contact person and Driver
D. Customer And Vendor

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