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  • Updated On: 15-Sep-2020

You issue goods from a warehouse to a customer.
What system responses accompany this process? (Choose three)

A. The post goods issue process reduces the corresponding requirements in materials planning.
B. The post goods issue process leads to a change in value of the corresponding stock accounts in
C. The post goods issue process is executed with reference to the respective sales order.
D. The post goods issue process reduces the stock level.
E. After the post goods issue process is initiated, the system can begin to pack the materials.
Answer(s): A, B, D
For which of the following can you use a distribution channel? (Choose two)

A. To determine the address in the output of the order confirmation
B. To assign a delivery plant for sales processes
C. To distinguish material master data used during sales order processing
D. To determine the transportation scheduling for a material during sales order processing
Answer(s): B, C
Which of the following document flows describe possible standard sales processes? (Choose two)

A. Inquiry ? quotation ? value contract ? order with reference to the value contract ? invoice ? accounting
B. Invoice correction request with reference to a standard order ? delivery ? transfer order ? post goods
issue ? invoice ? accounting document
C. Inquiry ? quotation ? order ? shipment ? transfer order ? post goods issue ? invoice ? accounting
D. Standard order with reference to a quotation ? delivery ? transfer order ? post goods issue ? invoice ?
accounting document
Answer(s): A, D
What do you have to consider when you change customer master data? (Choose two)

A. Customer master data is transferred to the sales order and cannot be changed there.
B. Several different partner functions can be assigned in the sales area data of the customer master.
C. Address changes in the customer master affect existing documents in the system.
D. A customer can have only one unloading point.
Answer(s): B, C
Your customers submit payment for open accounts receivables by referring to the sales order document
number, not the invoice number. You maintain the Customizing settings so that the sales document
number is transferred as the reference number in the accounting document.
What do you need to consider when transferring the sales order document number as a reference
number to Financial Accounting (FI)?

A. The sales revenues wil be posted to a different account in FI when you use the sales order number as

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