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  • Updated On: 15-Sep-2020

Select the method for updating table metadata that provides for the most
control over updating features and can be run in batch.

A. Update Metadata option in Data Library Manager in SAS Management
B. Update Library Metadata task in SAS Enterprise Guide.
C. Update Metadata option in SAS Data Integration Studio.
D. METALIB procedure using SAS code.

Answer(s): D
Which statement is FALSE?
Updating table metadata enables you to:

A. add table metadata for tables that exist in the physical library but have no
metadata in the repository.
B. update table definitions to match corresponding physical tables.
C. update table security settings at the metadata and operating system
D. delete metadata for table definitions that exist in the metadata repository
but do not have a corresponding table in the physical library.

Answer(s): C
A client wants to have their system set up so that stored processes can
access libraries without having to manage library assignments in the stored
process code. How should the libraries be assigned?

A. by default
B. by client application
C. by pre-assignment
D. by user access

Answer(s): C
The METALIB procedure enables you to update table metadata. Which
method does NOT provide access to the METALIB procedure?

A. SAS Management Console's update metadata feature


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