Free CIS-PPM Exam Braindumps

Which of the following checks to see if the assessable record exists for the demand and creates an assessable record if none exists?

  1. Validate Assessment Metrics for Demand
  2. Auto Business Rule for Assessments
  3. Update Demand State
  4. Create OnDemand Assessment

Answer(s): D

How many WBS levels can be shown on the planning console?

  1. One.
  2. Two.
  3. Three.
  4. No Limit.

Answer(s): D

When creating a project from demand, what related records are moved and copied upon Project Creation?

  1. Resource Plan and Cost Plan.
  2. Resource Plan and Change Requests.
  3. Cost Plan and Assessment.
  4. Idea and Demand.

Answer(s): A

Which is the minimum role that has access to the Project Administration > Settings > Preferences-Project module?

  1. it_project_manager
  2. it_pps_admin
  3. sys_admin
  4. it_program_manager

Answer(s): B


If you want the project planned start date to remain the same despite the start date of the earliest task, what property would you disable?

  1. Roll up project start date from tasks [com.snc.project.rollup_project_start_date].
  2. Max date span into future or past from the current date for the project/project task [com.snc.project.task.check_date_span_years].
  3. Retain start on constraint on tasks after adding relations [com.snc.project.allow_start_on_relations].
  4. Max duration allowed for a project/project task [com.snc.project.task.max_task_duration].

Answer(s): A