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Which setting in indexes.conf allows data retention to be controlled by time?

  1. maxDaysToKeep
  2. moveToFrozenAfter
  3. maxDataRetentionTime
  4. frozenTimePeriodInSecs

Answer(s): D


Using SEDCMD in props.conf allows raw data to be modified. With the given event below, which option will mask the first three digits of the AcctID field resulting output: [22/Oct/2018:15:50:21] VendorID=1234 Code=B AcctID=xxx5309

[22/Oct/2018:15:50:21] VendorID=1234 Code=B AcctID=xxx5309

  1. SEDCMD-1acct = s/VendorID=\d{3}(\d{4})/VendorID=xxx/g
  2. SEDCMD-xxxAcct = s/AcctID=\d{3}(\d{4})/AcctID=xxx/g
  3. SEDCMD-1acct = s/AcctID=\d{3}(\d{4})/AcctID=\1xxx/g
  4. SEDCMD-1acct = s/AcctID=\d{3}(\d{4})/AcctID=xxx\1/g

Answer(s): C

When running a real-time search, search results are pulled from which Splunk component?

  1. Heavy forwarders and seach peers
  2. Heavy forwarders
  3. Search heads
  4. Search peers

Answer(s): C


Which of the following is the use case for the deployment server feature of Splunk?

  1. Managing distributed workloads in a Splunk environment.
  2. Automating upgrades of Splunk forwarder installations on endpoints.
  3. Orchestrating the operations and scale of a containerized Splunk deployment.
  4. Updating configuration and distributing apps to processing components, primarily forwarders.

Answer(s): D

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